Alarm Equipment

Alarm Equipment

Alarm Equipment

In this section of our shop you will find our range of alarm systems, associated components and replacement parts. For technical information please see our Technical Data section or the links on many product detail pages.

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Product no.: 15040

Wireless PIR for use with AS300/310 alarm systems


In stock
can be shipped within 3-5 days

Product no.: 15041

Wireless Door Contact for the AS300/310 Alarm System


In stock
can be shipped within 3-5 Working Days days

Product no.: WB2010

The after-market or retro-fit version of our new Stinger alarm system.

Product no.: WB2011

A specific version of the Stinger alarm with wiring to suit a Coachman caravan.

Product no.: WB2012

A specific version of the Stinger alarm with wiring to suit a Swift caravan.


In stock

Product no.: WB2013
An additional or extra key fob for our Stinger range of alarms.
Product no.: WB2014

This specific Swift kit can be used to add awning light control to Stinger 310 systems connected to a C44 road light fuse box (all 2010 and later models).

For earlier models or other installation please see our Stinger interface kit.

Click here for installation instructions

Product no.: WB2015

This generic connector and short harness kit can be used to interface to all the potential features of the Stinger alarm.

Please see the connection sheet / instructions for details of the kit contents.

Product no.: WB2001

Replacement alarm system battery for AS210 Alarm System, 3.2AH 12v lead acid battery. 

Product no.: WB2002
Replacement PIR movement sensor / Controller for AS210 Alarm System
Product no.: WB2003

 A replacement key fob for the AS210 Alarm System. 

Product no.: WB2004

Additional Key fob for AS210 Alarm System.

Product no.: WB2005
Two spare / replacement batteries for AS210 key fobs and remote lighting keyfobs
Product no.: WB2016

Replacement 4.8V battery for Sargent Stinger 300 and 310 Alarm systems.